Online Marketing

The Icon Online Marketing Team combines Web Development specialists, Social Media experts, Strategic Marketing professionals with a Creative Design team, all working hand-in-hand to create interactive and engaging and interactive websites that are functional and easy to navigate.

Icon develops and implements integrated Digital Marketing strategies for clients, uses all activities to drive potential customers to your online presence, whether it is your company website, social media properties or a mobile site of your regularly updated blog.

Icon uses a range of Online marketing programs and strategies including:

Icon Visual Marketing can help your business align its online digital and social media activities with business goals, customer needs and measurable metrics. An effective online digital strategy for your business can help:

  • Generate web traffic
  • Generate web leads
  • Improve web lead to web visit ratio
  • Improve customer retention
  • Improve brand awareness

Icon approaches online and digital media and marketing in the same way we approach traditional media. Set the strategy first, makes sure it aligns with overall business goals and objectives and then use online tools to meet these goals. By focusing on the strategy rather than the actual tools, it doesn't matter what new online tools come or go, your digital media strategy will still focus on delivering on your goals.