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Icon Visual Marketing is a team of professional marketing and creative people who are passionate about delivering tools that help businesses find their next customer.

We are a full-service marketing agency with a real strength in focusing on the results of good marketing. We develop the right tools to sell and add value to your business.

How to successfully market a property development?

Property development is a long term and sizable investment regardless of the size of the site or estate, and one that can start years before the first resident ever moves in.

One of the keys to why one development can demand more per square metre than another, just minutes away, is marketing.

Just like most products on the market, there is a lifecycle that developments go through, and knowing how to market through each stage of the lifecycle is the key.


Set the Vision

It is often asked how early marketing should get involved in the direction of your property development. Marketing can be a great tool to employ early on, to help define research and trends that help set the vision for the estate.

Create the Dream

Once the vision is set, now it’s really time for marketing to kick into gear, developing the marketing strategy and key messages that will help people to understand the vision for the estate and to give the development consistency of brand.

Sell the Dream

The lifecycle of a development can be years. A small development may take possibly 2-3 years, whereas a 2,500-dwelling development is more like 10 – 15 years. So, selling the dream the right way at the very beginning, is imperative – you want to give buyers the right cues and tips that will help you gain maximum return per square metre.

Build the Dream

This is now the delivery upon the vision that your marketing has set. Building the development in a way that is true to the vision, and perception, that marketing has created is key to the successful launch and longevity of your property development.

Icon Visual Marketing are a full-service marketing agency who are experts in property development marketing working on leading estates including Harrington Grove, Catherine Park Estate, Gregory Hills, the New Rouse Hill and Wilton Junction.

Call or contact us today if you are looking for a full service marketing agency who know how to market your property development throughout each stage of the development lifecycle.

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