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ICON has recently been named as a preferred supplier by the Local Government Procurement (LGP), which is an integrated procurement management organisation operating under the Local Government of NSW (LGNSW), for Media Planning, Buying & Monitoring, Advertising & Digital Services - Cam..... Read More
For those who weren’t around for the great Cabbage Patch Kids craze of the 1980s, it’s hard to convey the intensity of it. There were fistfights between parents, near riots outside stores and endless shrieks of hysterical children desperate to get their hands on the dolls.  In Australia,..... Read More
Changes over the last fifteen years, mean that medical practices and businesses can use a variety of media and marketing opportunities to advertising services and attract patients. Done properly, medical marketing and advertising can grow your business, attract the patients you want, connect more wi..... Read More
Magazines provide a targeted environment for building brand awareness. Research shows that the average awareness for television and for print is about the same. However, when you consider that exposures in magazines cost considerably less than TV, magazines can work much most cost-effectively than T..... Read More
(Infographic thanks to original post from Marketing magazine Australia) While many of us are keen to ride the technology wave, almost a third of Australians who own a smart TV are yet to enjoy the thrill of connecting to the internet. The convergence of web, content and entertainment has meant tha..... Read More
It's Friday afternoon. Your local paper calls you with a great distress rate for advertising - its 75% and you've got to decide now. You know nothing about who actually reads the paper, how this aligns with your target market nor if this will give you any leads. But its so cheap - surely you have to..... Read More