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Have you ever found yourself gravitating towards someone? As though every time they’re around you feel at ease? And if so, do you remember what it was you liked about them? Were they bubbly, friendly, thoughtful, caring, considerate or approachable? If so, then it’s a good chance that you like..... Read More
A report into commuting in Australia showed that we spend 4.4 hours a week, or 53 minutes a day for a five-day working week, travelling to and from work. And that doesn’t include the rest of the day when we are travelling around the city for work. So, we are on the road, a lot. That is what veh..... Read More
'A rose by any other name would smell as sweet'? is Juliet’s argument that it doesn’t matter that Romeo is from the family’s rival house of Montague. What really matters is what something is, not what it is called. This statement, written over 500 years ago by a little-known playwright call..... Read More
Once upon a time, like five years ago, you had agencies – yes, plural. You had an ad buying agency who bought your traditional print, TV and radio media; an advertising creative agency, who would develop concepts and design; a PR agency, perhaps a marketing collateral agency, a website agency and..... Read More
Icon Visual Marketing recently took part in the Direct Selling Association of Australia competition to come up with a logo that helps them celebrate 50 years in existence while also looking forward to the next 50 years.  Competing against other branding agencies, Icon's creative team worked..... Read More
The changes in Cuba’s economy and loosening power of the socialist regime has led to the rise of a new class not before existing in Cuba – entrepreneurs. A group of people who finally freed from government work can go out and create their own businesses and place in the Cuban economy.One such bu..... Read More
A lot of what goes into building your brand is simply telling your story. At its core, the heart of your corporate story is the voice of your brand. Stories are as important now in the digital world as have been throughout time for people to learn their heritage and history.And while it’s true th..... Read More
It’s reasonable to think that your digital marketing strategy is really just a targeted Google strategy. After all, Google boasted a whopping 93% of search engine market share in Australia in 2013. However, your digital marketing strategy needn’t be reliant on just one search engine alone. There..... Read More
Branding is a long term and costly investment in the success of your business. By carefully managing a strong brand, you build consumer credibility, have more influence on your target market, and motivate purchases.Building a brand is more than just advertising, it’s creating an emotional connecti..... Read More
What is a brand and is having one relevant to all sectors of the medical industry? If I am an individual doctor or the provider of a service, do I need a brand? Brands are just as important to the different areas of the medical industry as they are to any business. Whether you are a sole practitione..... Read More
Whether you’re a new business starting out or one evolving, your logo, your business and use of a tagline must be spot on in conveying your overall business vision and customer experience - your brand. Icon can assist you in designing a brand that will not only resonate with your customers but wi..... Read More
What is the ultimate value of your brand? How do customers become loyal to one brand over another very similar product? Thinking the brand is just a logo, stationery or corporate colours is a mistake in the delivery of your brand experience. The real value of your brand and your customers experience..... Read More