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It’s reasonable to think that your digital marketing strategy is really just a targeted Google strategy. After all, Google boasted a whopping 93% of search engine market share in Australia in 2013. However, your digital marketing strategy needn’t be reliant on just one search engine alone. There are other online services out there that can really round out your online marketing campaigns and deliver online leads and sales if you’d only reach out to them.

Big moves are occurring in the search engine game, and we’re seeing the resurgence of many old faces seeking to take a chunk of the search engine pie. Bing has already taken a hefty slice from Google, but we’re also seeing Yahoo! grow as a search provider with their status as the new default search engine in the Firefox web browser. Furthermore, with the Google-Apple deal reaching an end, we may see Bing and Yahoo! vie for the coveted default search engine spot for the Apple browser.

With all these moves, you simply can’t afford to not review your digital marketing strategy in 2015 and evaluate whether expanding your reach is a the right tactic to grow your business this New Year. So, what’s out there? Here are two considerations you may want to make for your digital strategy.

Help Customers Locate Your Business on The Map

Google My Business’ integration with Google Maps is a great way to make your business locatable for customers, but what else is there beyond Google?

Bing Places for Business

Bing Places for Business is Bing’s answer to Google My Business, and offers you all the tools needed to ensure users of Bing Maps are able to find your business, view opening hours, and get directions from wherever they are.

Apple Maps Connect

With Apple’s mobile market share, you can’t afford to ignore their spot in the marketplace. Maps Connect is a self-service solution for businesses to add their information to Apple Maps, ensuring that those using the iOS solution are able to direct themselves to you.

Cast a Wider Net for PPC

Google AdWords has been a long standing giant in the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) game, but it’s not the only player in the field. By casting a wider net, you may be able to grow your impressions and generate more leads for your business.


Bing may have less searchers than Google, but it also has less competitors for PPC, which means you might find more opportunities there for your niche. Consider running a trial on Bing and compare how your Return-On-Investment (ROI) fairs!

Facebook for Business

Facebook and Google are in contention for the most visited website every month. That says something about the potential of Facebook Advertising for your business, and for many niches, it’s not a platform to ignore.

Despite Google’s dominance in the search market, it’s not the only player in the game. It’s important to look at the alternatives and assess whether it’s a worthy investment to augment your pre-existing programs with Google with another platform.

At Icon Visual Marketing, our expertise with analytics combined with our capabilities in digital marketing can ensure that you receive the best ROI for your advertising funds. Contact Icon Visual Marketing and expand your digital marketing program today!