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The changes in Cuba’s economy and loosening power of the socialist regime has led to the rise of a new class not before existing in Cuba – entrepreneurs. A group of people who finally freed from government work can go out and create their own businesses and place in the Cuban economy.

One such business is La Pachanga, an upscale burger bar which understands the market and by all accounts is building a very successful business by understanding the power of the brand and delivering positive brand experience at every touchpoint.

While capitalism is still a dirty word in Cuba, there are a small growing middle class in Cuba who are using their former government employment to build their own successful businesses. Sergio, owner of La Pachanga burger bar is definitely on a winner. 

The strong brand and logo are cited as, “the most important thing we’ve done to date, it’s the only way clients get know the brand.

“In Cuba, nothing like this has ever existed before.”

Everywhere in this burger bar the brand stands strong and proud, every opportunity is taken to highlight the brand to customers to build brand loyalty. Sergio knows the importance of brand in every way, opening up a VIP air-conditioned section in what was previously his master bedroom, only allowing access to local celebrities.

The main restaurant is no drag either. Bright coloured tables and service staff all feature the La Pachanga brand, with owner Sergio stating that the brand is “like Superman, but it’s Super Pachanga, you eat the Pachanga burger and you become stronger.”

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