Update from ICON regarding COVID-19

In an increasingly competitive market place builders need to ensure that the way to grow their business is not only to be the best quality available. Building a brand for any size builder is about clearly understanding why people should buy your design.

Things to think about include:
• How will your designs impact upon peoples lifestyles
• What confidence will you give people to trust you with the biggest decision of their lives
• Your price is more expensive than the others I have had? Why should I buy for you?

Answering these questions are fundamental in building your unique brand. Ensuring you are different from the rest of the many builders is more important about knowing the confidence you give people.

The new brand development for Beechwood Homes was more about harnessing the extraordinary value that 25 years in the market place brought than to focus on why the original business went into receivership. Keeping the name Beechwood was more important than changing it. Even thought the business had some difficulty, the name still evoked images of quality, value and trust for the many families who trusted Beechwood with their family homes. This confidence is still there that is why we kept the name and built on this heritage.

This brand is now growing and very focus on the providing families with their family homes. Branding is about being very clear of the value and the experience you give your customers. Adversity is not a problem. It is how you handle it