Update from ICON regarding COVID-19

Once upon a time, like five years ago, you had agencies – yes, plural. You had an ad buying agency who bought your traditional print, TV and radio media; an advertising creative agency, who would develop concepts and design; a PR agency, perhaps a marketing collateral agency, a website agency and maybe an SEO company.

Your day was most likely filled by managing agency briefs, checking their work, checking it against each other for integration, checking it against your internal marketing objectives. Managing the agencies was a job unto itself.
Every agency since the golden days of advertising have lauded integration as the key, however, very few could deliver thanks to their siloed practices and processes. Full service agencies were only full service within those siloes – full service advertising, full service digital – never truly able to act as your one-stop outsourced marketing team.

Icon Visual Marketing have been a full-service Sydney marketing agency since the beginning. Integrating new marketing tools and mediums along the journey to ensure we can continue to deliver on marketing strategies, and programs, regardless of the activities required to achieve the objectives.

That is how we have grown our business now to over 50 professionals with a range of backgrounds and skills all working together to deliver integrated marketing strategies and programs. We don’t silo any of our teams. Sure we may have some walls, but their only purpose is to hold up the ceiling and be something we can pin ideas to and map out strategies. Most of our time is working collaboratively in open spaced communal areas, or the privacy of our boardrooms brainstorming and think-tank sessions.

Contact Icon Visual Marketing today if you prefer working with one agency, and a team who communicate, not through you, but to each other. An agency who can manage your marketing programs from under one roof, as an integrated and collaborative team.

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