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What is the ultimate value of your brand? How do customers become loyal to one brand over another very similar product? Thinking the brand is just a logo, stationery or corporate colours is a mistake in the delivery of your brand experience. The real value of your brand and your customers experience is made up of things you cannot see or touch, but are real.Brand Loyalty 250

A brand spends time, money and energy developing these intangible values and communicating these to the customer. The end result is a business that builds assets to sell, brands that demand a higher price and customers who are will to pay more for the branded product.

How do I know if I have a strong brand?
Some brands value their brand loyalty on overall market share, on numbers. But a good way to really measure brand loyalty is returning customers – this is never more so than in industries with long periods between replacements – such as white goods, garden products, the car industry. If a customers can remember you every 4 or 5 years and come back to you for purchase, that is the ultimate brand loyalty.

Your brand sets customer expectations
Branding creates trust and an emotional attachment to your product or company. This attachment then causes your market to make decisions based, at least in part, upon emotion- not necessarily just for logical or intellectual reasons.