Update from ICON regarding COVID-19


  Even before the COVID-19 pandemic blindsided us, the Australian economy appeared to be slowing, with bushfires, floods, and weak wages growth dampening consumer spending. At Icon Visual Marketing we too were thrown off a little, but we quickly refocused and drew on some great historical ex..... Read More
Most of us are not well-versed in dealing with pandemics, and as we forge onwards through COVID-19 it can seem overwhelming. If you’re an SME business owner, these are particularly challenging times. But don’t let anxiety tempt you into poor decision making. Here are six tips for managing yo..... Read More
Data is the buzzword of every industry at the moment. Data, data, data. Data-driven marketing, data-driven sales, data-driven product development – everything, it seems, is being drive by data. Companies such as Qantas Frequent Flyer and Woolworths Rewards show us how ‘big data’ – a term..... Read More
To some, traditional marketing – practices such as advertising, public relations, branding and corporate communications – is dead. The reality is quite the opposite: traditional marketing is now part of a much wider marketing ecosystem. Marketing evolves with technology and with the times. Pr..... Read More
There is a point for most businesses when the innovation that launched them is no longer unique and the word of mouth that drove customers to you is a distant memory. For some business owners, they think big. Billboards on freeways, new bells and whistles website, pouring more in to Google. W..... Read More
Strategy is everything in marketing. There is often debate about whether public relations or advertising is more beneficial to a campaign’s success, but in reality they serve very unique purposes and therefore work best when both factored into the marketing equation. PR is earned coverage. It inv..... Read More
Last month Icon Visual Marketing turned 15, a fantastic achievement we are proud of. As part of our celebration of turning 15, we asked Managing Director Joe Papadatos what he’s learned over 15 years in business.   15 years all ready? It’s like a blink of an eye. So much has changed and..... Read More
My Nonna often recounts tales of walking from her tiny Southern Italian village to the neighbouring town in pursuit of basic grocery and household items. There was no pharmacist, no shopping centre and certainly no supermarket to quickly pop into and grab a ready-to-bake meal. Clothes were sewn with..... Read More
Here are eighteen tips for 2018 that all business owners should do to ensure continued growth and continued success for the year ahead. MARKETING STRATEGY Integrating Marketing Activities into the Customer Lifecycle Marketing and digital marketing has grown in complexity, resulting in the i..... Read More
It doesn’t matter if your business is turning two, 12, 25 or 238, marking your company’s anniversary with a celebration can be a powerful sales and marketing tool. Promoting your business anniversary can help with employee morale (recognising their hard work shows they mean more to you than ju..... Read More
As brands look forward to 2017, commentators chime in with pitches for what they believe will be at the forefront of the marketer’s mind in the year to come. Millennials, of course, feature high on this list. Millienials; the illusive demographic whose life and work behaviours have marketers scr..... Read More
This is an awesome job opportunity for only the most powerful salesman in the world. You get to take advantage of the 2,161,530,000,000 people already using you to search for something, everything, your products, your services and your competitor’s products and services each year. To fulfil this..... Read More