Update from ICON regarding COVID-19

As a marketing and advertising agency, we ensure maximum transparency to our clients and access to any resources we develop on your behalf.

Credible marketing and advertising agencies don't hold their clients work to ransom. You commissioned the work - whether it be brand development, advertising creative, website access, online reports and campaigns - you paid for us to do the work and therefore the files, reports, images are yours.

When looking for any agency, whether creative, digital, advertising or marketing, you should always own and have access to your own artwork. A common request we get is can you please send me the artwork as I need to reuse it for something else. Of course, its your artwork. Ask the questions of the agency, “if I decide not to continue with you, can I take the files / reports with me?" Some points to keep in mind:

  • If an agency develops a logo for you, ensure you are clear that you are the owner of the logo
  • When building a website, ensure it is built on a flexible platform that is not locked to any one particular agency
  • Ensure you know where your site is hosted – at least the company name
  • Ensure you have access to images you have paid for as part of any projects a company has developed for you
  • Make sure to find an agency who is transparent, honest in their dealings with clients where you have full access to your own resources and can walk with all your work at any time