Update from ICON regarding COVID-19

A recent report has demonstrated the very real gaps in marketing talent, technology and strategy and highlights the very real impact they are having on bottom line business performance.

The marketing industry is advancing at an unprecedented rate, the rapid technology shifts, the reliance on digital and online marketing channels that just five years ago didn’t exist is creating seemingly insurmountable gaps in market talent, technology and strategy.

Businesses are looking for these hybrid, almost mythical marketing managers, who somehow have the right mix of strategy acumen, executional know how and there finger on the pulse of the ever changing world of digital marketing. However is it fair to ask that one person, or a small team, be wholly responsible to having all the skills and knowledge needed for modern day marketing? It’s almost impossible.

The Mythical Marketer, even if they do exist, have the limitations of time and reality, no one person can do it all. In the report, 90% of companies recognised that they lack the necessary digital skills in key areas of social media, mobile and performance monitoring and analysis and 96% feel the breadth of marketing skills needed to succeed has increased dramatically. However one of the most telling statistics is that 75% of the marketers surveyed themselves feel their lack of skills is impacting revenue in some way.

Building an internal marketing department that has all the necessary skills, knowledge and experience can be overwhelming and near on impossible to cover all the skills necessary, which means then having a range of small niche agencies also engaged to manage projects and specific areas of marketing. That’s getting to be an expensive team.

Outsourcing to a Sydney marketing agency like Icon Visual Marketing provides access to expertise in every marketing discipline−from an experienced team of specialists that can be scaled to suit projects of any size and scope. Such flexibility represents the most critical benefit of marketing outsourcing: You only for the services used for when you need them.

We draw experienced and knowledgeable staff who have previously worked in big agencies and corporations who come to the agency as they are interested in doing a great job for clients without a lot of the pomp and excess that can go with marketing agencies.

Businesses large and small can benefit from working with an outsourced marketing agency such as Icon where for less than a Marketing Coordinator salary you get access to over 35 marketers who have high level strategic and hands on implementation experience in all areas of marketing.

Icon Visual Marketing is a Sydney Marketing Agency focused on delivering strategic marketing plans and campaigns for clients from small to medium businesses to larger companies with a range of marketing programs. By engaging Icon Visual Marketing as your outsourced marketing team, you get access to our highly experienced and knowledgeable team.