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Building an internal marketing department that has all the necessary skills, knowledge and experience can be overwhelming. You may find the right people who have knowledge and experience – but what about the hands on implementation?

  • Should you expect an experienced marketing manager of 20 years to know how to build a HTML landing page in CS5 to support an online advertising campaign which includes remarketing and data capture?
  • What about a Marketing Coordinator to be able to create a sales acquisition plan including multiple customer touch points and map that into a sophisticated customer management plan?
  • And just because you have InDesign and PhotoShop on your PC, doesn’t make you a Creative Director; able to design impactful and meaningful graphics to support and communicate key messages.


Marketing is not just advertising and brochures. It’s about setting a marketing strategy that is in line with target markets, the goals for the business and realistic in terms on delivering leads that will turn into sales. The marketing strategy then dictates a range of marketing activities that can include digital, design, direct mail, social media, print advertising as well as in developing marketing and media strategies.

Unless you have the resources to have a marketing team of 10, then it makes sense to use an outsourced marketing agency.

Full Service Sydney based marketing agency

We are a full service Sydney based marketing agency – we have all these skills.

Icon Visual Marketing has over 30 experienced marketers who work across a range of teams including marketing and planning strategy, creative, digital, web development and print production. Our team all work in-house - not as contractors, outsources to us. We are a full service marketing agency - we don't outsource your work. So you know who you are working with and the experience and quality you can expect.

Outsourcing to a Sydney marketing agency like Icon Visual Marketing provides access to expertise in every marketing discipline−from an experienced team of specialists that can be scaled to suit projects of any size and scope. Such flexibility represents the most critical benefit of marketing outsourcing:  You only for the services used for when you need them.

We draw experienced and knowledgeable staff who have previously worked in big agencies and corporations who come to the agency as they are interested in doing a great job for clients without a lot of the pomp and excess that can go with marketing agencies.

Businesses large and small can benefit from working with an outsourced marketing agency such as Icon where for less than a Marketing Coordinator salary you get access to over 30 marketers who have high level strategic and hands on implementation experience in all areas of marketing.