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The NSW Government alone spends $12.7 billion annually procuring goods and services. Are you a company who can provide to the government but not sure how to develop winning tenders?

The tender process is not just about the numbers, the tender process is about differentiating your business from your competitors.

It is the opportunity to highlight the similarities between your business and your potential client to re-assure them of the relationship and service being offered.tenders

Tender writing can seem an unenjoyable, difficult and resource-consuming task – but if you break it down into simpler terms – the tender itself tells you exactly what information they want to receive in terms of the requirements and the criteria, the next step is to address all these aspects, be compliant and answer every single requirement regardless of how minute the detail is – if the tenderer has asked for this information, make sure you give it.

The presentation of large and sometimes complicated tender can be a major factor in making it past the first round and being a successful bid. Success in the tendering process comes from understanding the tendering process, careful preparation and differentiating yourself Set yourself apart and ahead of the pack and speak to Icon Visual Marketing specialist business marketers about creating specialised and unique multimedia presentations and documentations that have a proven track record.

To go on to win, your tender must also be competitive and persuasive - it must show, clearly and persuasively, your difference, why you, rather than the competition should get the contract. Your tender must show how your solution will help the client, will service their needs and most importantly put them at the centre of the solution, not your technology or expertise. Use your tender to show how your solution will solve their problem - not just how great your solution is.