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Local Marketing Tips from local Sydney Marketing Agency

There is a point for most businesses when the innovation that launched them is no longer unique and the word of mouth that drove customers to you is a distant memory. For some business owners, they think big. Billboards on freeways, new bells and whistles website, pouring more in to Google. Whilst these activities can be essential to many overall marketing strategies, it is easy to forget about the local marketing tricks that helped to build your business in the first place. Here we use our expertise as a local Sydney marketing agency to give you some tips on how to use cost effective local marketing activities to grow your business.

As our Managing Director Joe might say, “every now and then you have to get down and dirty.

This is especially true for business that have a bricks and mortar footprint like retail location, or localised client base. Whether you are an established Sydney dental surgery or a builder with display homes in three locations, the growth of your of business could be dependent on your local presence in the market. Full service Sydney marketing agency, Icon Visual Marketing has worked with clients of all sizes and wants to share some of these tips with you.

In a world of shrinking attention spans, some of the oldest tricks in the book are the ones with cut-through. We’ve put together a list of classic marketing tactics that local businesses shouldn’t forget.

1. Sponsor a local sports team

Even if your kid doesn’t make the cut, putting some support behind a local league team can quickly open up conversations with potential new customers. An investment of almost any size can go a long way and get your brand on the back of a jersey. Further, an activity like this can foster goodwill within your local community, building the overall value of your business.

2. Direct Marketing Mailout

We hate junk mail just as much as you, which is why we’d encourage a little more thought go in to a mailout before you head down to Officeworks with your word document. A discount offer, a branded stationery item or perhaps a magnetised yearly calendar are all ways to get your brand on the kitchen table or fridge door.

3. Social Media & SEO

An organic social media presence can help you build a network of fans and like-minded businesses around yours. Ensuring a consistent, well-managed presence is the greatest difficulty, especially if you are short on time. However, if you are a small business it is in the interest of the owner or a director to spearhead this. You might not think that Instagram is the place where a plumbing business might score a sub-contracting job on three townhouses – but you would be surprised what can come of a few sincere comments, likes and follows.

On top of that, ensuring you have the correct information listed and optimised on Google My Business means you are more likely to appear in searches. Encouraging your customers to review you once you have provided a product or service will help to build your profile and entrust you to new customers.

4. Partner up with a complimentary business

Not all businesses complement each other. We wouldn’t recommend a lawyer hangout near a construction site, but there are many alliances that could introduce new customers to your business. For example, a hairdresser and a beautician might be well-informed to recommend one another or collaborate on an offer. Perhaps your landscaping business could recommend a painter or as a real estate agent you are constantly recommending a conveyancer.

Long-term networks are often the basis of many successful businesses, so never under estimate their potential.

While these ideas are a good way to start your thinking, Icon Visual Marketing believe the best way to ensure marketing success is with a robust Marketing Plan, built upon the very foundations of your business’s value.

Smaller business will benefit from a strategic marketing plan just as big businesses do. A strategic marketing plan will ensure any activities will be in line with target markets, goals for the business and are realistic in terms on delivering leads that will turn into sales. It will help you develop marketing activities that will be more appealing to customers.

You’re never too small to set yourself of the path for business success. Contact Sydney based full service marketing agency, Icon visual marketing today to see how you business can start to grow. 1300 138 984