Update from ICON regarding COVID-19

"Why?” “Why??” “WHY???” The countless “whyzz” of childhood have tried the patience of adults throughout the ages. But asking “why” is one of the most important strategies children have for connecting. One of the first things young children learn to do is question everything.

In marketing, we should also be asking Why? As its only when we ask and understand the why can we create successful strategies and campaigns

If a client asks us, can we build a website with easy to manage CMS and an intranet our answer is "Of Course, but Why?". Can we put together a TV schedule in remote and rural NSW? "Of course we can, buy Why?" Can we run a print campaign together with a digital strategy? "Yep again, but Why?"

We aren't just trying to annoy our clients, but get to to the real business goals and objectives before jumping into activities and tactics.

After all, great marketing at its heart is the development of a clear position, a clear understanding of Why should people buy from us? The answer to this question is where we start each and every conversation – Why should people buy from you?