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A strong and motivated sales force armed with your high quality product is the foundation to building a successful direct selling company. After all, your sales team are the public face of your company and it’s the positive experiences they deliver that will be most important in building long term customers.

Increased competition in the direct selling market space has seen more choice for sales agents to choose the company and brand they want to work with. To set your company apart and to entice the right talent, the power of your brand can make all the difference.

After all, it’s the power of the brand and the knowledge of the brand in the wider community that will help them along their way to be a successful sales agent.

Your brand is one of the most valuable assets of your business – it’s what sets you apart from your competitors. And your brand isn’t just a word or a logo, it’s all the aspects of your business that your customers hold valuable and why they keep coming back.

The key to attracting the right sales team is essentially delivering a position in the market for which your brand represents and is known for. Building a brand is more than just advertising and marketing; it’s about creating an emotional connection at every touch point.

The starting point of a brand strategy is to work out what the company stands for. What is the single most important value that the company presents to the world?

Strongly marketing your brand’s culture and what it stands for is the strongest way you can attract the right sales agents for your brand. After all, your sales force are unique, they are looking for a company to work with that they can be passionate about and are confident in selling it to their friends and family. They are relying on the strength of your brand to open the door to peoples home to host parties and sell your product.

By carefully managing a strong brand, you build credibility, have more influence on your target market, and motivate and attract the right talent.