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Last month Icon Visual Marketing turned 15, a fantastic achievement we are proud of. As part of our celebration of turning 15, we asked Managing Director Joe Papadatos what he’s learned over 15 years in business.


15 years all ready? It’s like a blink of an eye. So much has changed and yet at the same time everything is the same.

As I reflect on the last 15 years, the lessons are many the scars are evident, the joys are frequent and the achievements many.

But to define the first 15 years one must first define the vision. 

From the day I started two things that drove every action.

1.     My job is to help other companies grow?

2.    Build it for the long term?

 1. The vision of Icon has always been the same "Helping businesses Grow."

From a seemingly simple vision, it gave us the foundation to explore and innovate. The vision enables us to keep our eyes on our clients and what their objectives were and are. 

What does it mean to help businesses grow?

To us, helping businesses grow means that we are not focused on our services, but what needed to be done to achieve the goal.

Helping business grow means that no was not an option, and if we did not know we learnt and invested.

By focusing on our vision has meant that embracing change is core to our success. It’s hard to imagine now, but in 2003 there was no smart phone: Google and web were still embryonic in the existence. And heaven forbid Facebook did not exist. These new platforms are now core in our service offerings. 

The focus on the this corevision means that we have one foot in the future and the other foot firmly placed in the reality of today.

The vision is also the inspiration of our people. The drive to help our clients grow means that necessity is the mother of invention. It drives creativity, it drives innovation, it drives the individual to work in teams.

 The vision is the foundation under our feet and the sky we try and reach each and every day.

 2.  Build for the long term?

They say it takes many years to become an overnight success. Icon is a business built one brick at a time.

Impassioned by the spirit of our vision all our investments in technology, equipment and more importantly our people were for the long term and built to last.

Technology is thought through and invested in continually. Equipment is purchased to ensure it can meet our changing and growing requirements.  Our people are inspired to learn, grow and develop. The long term means that we want people to stay with us. Not for a year or two, but to build life time careers with us and our clients.

Our clients benefit from strong relationships, our people benefit because they are learning and developing both in the technical skills and in the growth as individual in larger team’s larger projects, new and exciting technology.

Build for the long term means that our view of our client engagement is not for a project, but it is to be on the journey with other companies who think like we do. To build something bigger than yourselves.

Yes 15 years has gone incredibly fast, and yet as I look back the journey has truly changed me.  While the same vision is at the forefront of Icon as it was at day one, the focus now is not just to grow, but to grow a legacy and one that all our team is proud of.


Joe Papadatos, Managing Director