Update from ICON regarding COVID-19

Build a brand. Facebook offers an excellent outlet to build a brand that consumers can connect with beyond the often static nature of traditional marketing. On Facebook, customers can participate in brand activities and interact with your brand on a personal level.

Increase loyalty. By “Liking” a Facebook brand page, consumers are essentially opting in to receive your brand messaging. This is a powerful opportunity to connect with them and turn them into brand ambassadors and lifetime customers.Facebook-logo 250

Communicate. Facebook marketing is not just pushing out brand messages. It has become common for customers to use a brand page to bring up inquiries or offer feedback. Handled correctly, this can be a fantastic way to communicate with customers and offer them exceptional customer service.

A lot of large brands have an active social media presence, however there is an over-reliance on simple counting of Facebook Fans as a key performance metric. Given that a brand has acquired a certain number of Fans, its goal should be to deliver maximum reach, achieve brand resonance, and hopefully influence consumers to purchase or engage with the brand.