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Power of product reviews

Today we have more mediums than ever through which we can disseminate content. Traditional marketing mediums such as print, radio, television, direct mail and telephone, while still crucial, are no longer the main players. Welcome to the age of video marketing.


Borne out of the necessity for easily digestible, engaging content that requires minimum commitment from the audience, video has fast become one of the most commonly used marketing mediums. One form of video that is increasingly being leveraged for marketing is product and demonstration videos. 


How effective are product demonstration videos?

Video has fast become one of the most powerful mediums for selling products, building a reputation and growing a brand. Customers are hungry for easily digestible content that they can skim quickly to obtain all the information they need. Video is the most effective medium for easily digestible content. How effective?

Why use Priduct Videos


Why create a product demonstration video?

One of the most effective sales tools of any business is a product demonstration. Actually showing a potential customer how your product works will always be more powerful and productive than merely telling them how it works.

Having that one-on-one moment with the client to show them how the product works, has an increased success rate of getting a sale than having to read 20 pages of marketing collateral.

So, how can a business economically replicate the success rate of a private one-on-one product demonstration? They create product demonstration videos.



Creating content to grow your business

For over 16 years Icon Visual Marketing has been helping businesses grow, and realise their potential through creating marketing strategies and business plans that incorporate effective content strategies. Video creation and production is one of our core services.

We have a fully operational production studio with the skills and expertise to create cutting edge product demonstration videos, pre-rolls and animations. We can also work with you to create a video content strategy to grow your brand.

Contact Icon Visual Marketing today on 1300 138 984, or fill out our Online Enquiry Form to start your journey to business growth and prosperity.

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