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For many decades, B2B marketing has relied on trust, word of mouth and customer loyalty. Traditional marketing wasn’t seen as something B2B companies needed. But times have changed. B2B businesses who rely on a key number of clients to drive their business need to ensure those customers understand why they buy from you, what it is that makes your business stand out from the competition, not only domestic but the huge range of cheaper foreign imports available in most business sectors.

We know our business is different. We know what makes us unique and why customers should choose use. But for years, we’ve talked to customers about technical superiority, our customer service, product features and benefits. But when was the last time you had a conversation about what makes you company uniquely different. The core of your business. Your Unique Selling Point that makes up your brand.

In today’s highly competitive business environment if you have a business, you have to have a brand, and if your brand is selling your company short, you need to do something about it.

Branding will give you a competitive edge, create trust and emotional attachment, makes purchasing decisions easier. A strong brand can command a premium price, and most importantly a strong brand can make the actual product features or benefits of what you are selling insignificant.

The huge growth of digital marketing means that any business can affordably reach even the smallest target and most niche market online, so suddenly your brand matters a great deal more than ever before.

All marketing activities in the B2B market should be directed to establishing, developing and maintaining successful relationships with customers. B2B Sales teams should provide value adds to their clients, not only should they provide solutions to business problems, but they should identity potential business challenges for their clients and recommend solutions. The buying cycle in B2B is a lot longer than retail of consumer environment, therefore you need to build and establish trust with the buyer at brand, product and service levels.

Content marketing is one such way to demonstrate your company’s competitive edge. Using a mix of video, images and words, you can continually demonstrate industry superiority, show different facets of the business that your customers are likely to be interested in. And while you’re there highlight business benefits as well as technological superiority and product features and benefits. All these areas go into making your brand stronger.

For every business, branding reflects who they are as a company. Icon Visual Marketing's team of specialist B2B marketing consultants can assist you in helping to establish your key value proposition for your markets or major customers. The determination of your value platform is critical to successful B2B marketing. Understanding your product or service from a holistic position will provide your business the distinct advantage you have been looking for and a platform for significant growth.