Update from ICON regarding COVID-19

In a hectic world of blogging and social media posting, it can be easy schedule your posts and online content well in advance to save you time in the future.

However, this morning we are reminded about the importance of timing in all posts that you do. Alongside news of the disaster that has occurred in Fiji from destructive Cat-5 cyclone Winston, was this travel news article – Fiji vs Bali. Which destination is better. Seems very insensitive given the breath of the disaster in Fiji and the millions it will take to get it back on it’s feet, and as a top tourist destination for Australians.

A week ago, when this article was probably approved and scheduled, there was nothing wrong with this post. But in light of the weekend disaster, perhaps someone should have realised it wasn’t really the right time to post it.

As with all marketing, including online, keeping in mind the right message at the right time is of the upmost importance.