Update from ICON regarding COVID-19


Part of being successful in business is being aware of industry movements and trends, insightful views of the future and being able to offer tidbits of information that may get a reader thinking a little deeper in relation to their own situation and business. Icon’s Engine Room blog page will become the central hub for all things business related.

While a blog/news page is a ‘must have’ for any business website, ensuring that it is user friendly is of the utmost importance. One of the many things we have discovered in all our years of business, is how frustrating it can be to try and wade through all of a company’s blog posts to find something of interest or relevance. And if a business has been around for some time, the amount of content can almost make your eyes bleed.

As with every part of our new website, we have taken a ‘considered’ approach to the layout and usability of The Engine Room. Harnessing the principal of ‘less is more’, we have provided snippets of our latest blogs for readers to scan quickly for information or topics that may be of interest, but that’s just one element of the page designed for greater efficiency.

If you shift your eyes slightly to the right, you will notice a detailed list of categories. Each contains, or will contain, category-specific blogs that can be easily found, saving you time and effort. Because we know how valuable time and education is to our clients and readers, being able to quickly choose from 25 specific blog categories brings a new level of efficiency to our site.

To see what we mean, click the link below and view Icon’s The Engine Room.