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Case studies can be a powerful marketing tool when trying to attract new sales leads to the business, demonstrating your business capabilities and skills to potential new customers often looking for similar services.

A recent report highlighted the importance of building credibility through the use of case studies, with 48% of B2B companies say customer case studies play a role in their decision-making process.

What makes case studies so attractive to marketers and B2B prospects is that they're based on real-life, real business experiences. Case studies are credible, third-party endorsements that carry a high degree of believability. That gives case studies a big advantage over traditional advertising, which are often view with a high degree of scepticism.

If you’re unsure of where to start with writing – or even filming – a case study to build your sales resources, below is a fairly typical case study outline that can be applied in 95% of product or service based case studies to the best advantage.

The Challenge: Begin your case study with the challenge the business was facing – what was the issue that led them to seek your product or service solution. Be highly descriptive, so potential sales leads can identify with the initial problem.

The Solution: What did you do to help your client and why did they choose your solution. Highlight why your solution was chosen to be the best fit for their business and include a description of the solution they chose.

Approach: Specifically, what did your company do to overcome the challenge and offer a solution. The more detailed you can get the more credibility you earn with your reader.casestudy

Outcome: Include specific improvements and advantages your client experienced – where possible, include sales figures, increased productivity savings, anything that can help to highlight the point – your solution saved this company money or drove sales.


Done properly, case studies can be a powerful part of your sales and marketing programs