Update from ICON regarding COVID-19

A recent list by industry authority out of the US, Hubspot, listed its top 101 sure fire ways to make people hate your marketing. The eleventh way listed to ensure that people hate your marketing is Make your business blog all about promoting your products/services.

After all - Educational and helpful industry-related content is overrated. Your business blog should be all about how awesome your business' products and services are. Brag about them incessantly, rather than providing any true value you to your readers. NOT

A business blog is a great way to express your ideas, company philosophy and explore some trends and aspects of your industry, its also a great tool to influence potential customers and inform existing customers .

A business blog is ideal for attracting potential customers and gaining returning business from existing customers.

Potential customers – Using your business blog to influence website visits who aren’t yet customers about your company knowledge and expertise within your industry is a great way to use your business blog.

Existing Customers – A great way to use a business blog is provide advice on tips on a range of your products and services as well as providing industry commentary to help your customers stay informed.