Update from ICON regarding COVID-19

Are email newsletters still a valid form of marketing? Yes and yes.

Email newsletters are an ideal way to communicate with your customers on a frequent and consistent basis, sharing industry news, giving advice and tips and offering genuine value add for customers to be on your email newsletter list.

The quickest way to turn people off your email newsletter is to be shameless self promoters – using your email newsletter only to talk about the great things you’ve done this month.

As a rule, make just one in six articles about you – but not just as a promotion, make sure it still adds value to your reader. For example, you may have launched free overnight shipping or a new local office – this is of great benefit to your customers – tell them. It was Josie’s birthday in accounts – really does your customer care?

Make sure to design your email newsletter so it’s easy to quickly read the article headings, with easy to navigate click throughs to the full articles. And don’t hide the articles on your website in a PDF – this is no good for SEO purposes. Make the articles visible on your website so future customers can also easily find and read them months and years after the original email newsletter was sent out.

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