Did you know that a little green padlock could save your business? Really!It’s true. From last month, you will find out just how important a little green padlock can be when website browsers are turning customers away from yourwebsite by telling them it’s simply “not trustworthy.” Why would..... Read More
As it does every year, the 2015 Google Analytics Conference continued to share insights, trends, business challenges and digital updates direct from the global team of Google. The Icon Digital Marketing team attended the 2015 conference in Sydney and were provided a great round up of the current and..... Read More
Myself and the Icon Digital Marketing team yesterday had the pleasure of attending the third annual Australian Google Analytics User Conference at the PowerHouse Museum Sydney. Icon has had a representative at each of the three Australian conferences. The Google Analytics User Conference, as a..... Read More
Using a range of data products to capture and report on online results, we have at our fingertips data about every facet of our website - how many visits, where do they come from, what language do they speak, what pages are they looking at, are they using a mobile vs PC to access the site? However,..... Read More
A bounce occurs when a user visits a website and exits the page from which they came without having moved to another page on the same website. A higher bounce rate means users leave your website without viewing any additional pages. A lower bounce rate means users stay on your website and have move..... Read More