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Compelling storytelling is an incredibly powerful way to communicate with your potential customers. The goal of public relations is to build mutually beneficial relationships between an organisation and its core audience. 

The use of effective storytelling adds value to this process by enabling you to communicate in a language that your audience can understand and relate to. Evoking positive associations of your brand with your audience is key to business growth

In short, public relations coverage is earned media – content that appears in print, online, or in the broadcast media that is there because an editor or journalist believes it is of genuine interest to their audience. It has earned its place. It has what journalists call a news angle – a new ground-breaking product, interesting new research, or perhaps a powerful human interest story.


PR campaigns can create a lasting legacy of trust 

When done well, a public relations campaign can have a visible and instant impact. But more often public relations builds a narrative and the credibility of a company over the long-term to create a lasting legacy of trust.

While public relations can function independently, it works best when part of a marketing program. As an experienced multi-disciplined marketing agency in South West Sydney, Icon Visual Marketing uses PR as part of our broader marketing campaigns for clients.


PR strategy helps establish APG Workforce executives as thought leaders

For client APG Workforce, public relations is playing a key role in establishing the workforce management company’s senior executives as thought leaders in their industry.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in late March 2020, Icon Visual Marketing has used the power of storytelling to gain media coverage in a number of industry publications like Dynamic Business, Food & Drink Business, My Business, The Fifth Estate and more. The stories focus on the views of the company’s senior executives on the effects of the COVID pandemic on the Australian workforce and the role of short-term hire as we emerge from the pandemic.

The marketing program we built for APG Workforce includes a revised website, brochures, social media (both organic and paid), print and online advertising, and tender writing, with public relations playing a starring role in generating media coverage. Public relations is also being used to reposition APG Workforce as a leader in workforce management rather than as a labour hire and a recruitment agency.


Every business has a story to tell

While some clients have stronger news stories to tell than others, there is PR potential in most company’s stories. They won’t all make it to prime time news, because public relations messages are often targeted to a specific industry or a particular geographic location. 

In the case of APG Workforce, we want to reach a number of niche audiences such as business owners, human resources specialists and specific industries.

Just about every business has a story to tell that will interest a media outlet. A public relations professional has to be an expert at seeing an organisation through the eyes of the editors and program directors, assembling the facts that the media would use, and giving them material at precisely the right time.

A PR specialist must ensure that any form of communication is clear, honest, and unambiguous so that the messages are easily understood by the respective target audiences.


Together, let’s tell your story

If you’re a client of Icon Visual Marketing, we’d be happy to talk to you about how public relations could work for as part of your marketing program. If not, then let’s work together to tell your story through public relations and provide the right pathway to grow your business.


Every business has a story to tell. Let us help you tell yours with a public relations campaign. Call us today on 1300 138 984 and let’s work together to get your story published and in the hands of your target audience.