Update from ICON regarding COVID-19

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While marketing is at the core of our DNA, Icon offers so much more than marketing advice and activities.

We’re built around the mandate that we are here to grow our client’s business, whatever it takes. We do not confine ourselves within the realm of marketing alone, but consider ourselves part of our client’s team, helping to drive their business forward.

Because of this mantra, we felt that we needed to create elements that embraced our mindset and the way we approach our client’s business issues and problems. Elements that we could rally behind and rationales that were more than words, but a mantra we live by.

What are our new elements?

The Heart = Passion

Icon has the heart to delve deeper in to your business to find the pain points halting growth. To look beyond what has been to see what can be. The potential of your business is what gets out hearts pumping, which in-turn gets our strategic and creative pulses racing to drive your business further.

The Engine = Drive

This is where the hard work happens. Where we roll-up our sleeves and get our hands dirty solving your problems. Like the engine of a car, our machinations may be out of sight, but the results are the renewed driving force coursing throughout your business.

The Brain = Insight

This is the magic that drives all other outputs. Insight is the ability to see your business’ worth, its strengths and weaknesses, not to mention opportunities, and use them to help your business connect the dots between strategy, marketing and creativity, and show how they come together harmoniously.

The Books = Knowledge

The collective knowledge that Icon brings to any business across marketing, strategy, web, digital and creative, is extensive. Plying our trade for many decades, our skills and practices are finely tuned instruments for growing businesses.

The Plane = Spirit

Existing businesses need spirited explorers to help them discover and navigate their way through modern practices, technology and ideas like unchartered territory. Icon believes in ‘smart’ exploration of creative marketing practices. We don’t just push boundaries, we push the ‘right’ boundaries

These elements will be our guiding lights when tackling a client’s problem and working on solutions to solve those problems.