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Icon 2018 Birthday 2018

Icon Visual Marketing is today is celebrating 15 years in the marketing industry  as a wholly independent, full-service marketing agency. Founded by Joe Papadatos on 30 January 2003 with just one staff member, Icon Visual Marketing has since grown to more than 40 employees offering a full range of marketing services.

“When we launched in 2003, the trend in agencies was to provide a specialist service, like creative or media buying. But we saw the opportunity to offer full-service marketing to our clients, taking the pain away from managing multiple agencies with multiple processes,” said Founder and Managing Director Joe Papadatos.

“We are still surprised that our clients tell us they struggle to find a truly full-service agency to manage their affairs. We have a simple philosophy; our job is to grow businesses and revenue, and we make it easy for our clients.”

Based in the expanding Macarthur region of Sydney, Icon Visual Marketing provides marketing solutions for companies across all the country. Its integrated structure comprises a large strategic marketing department, creative department integrating copywriters and video producers, Google accredited digital marketers, web designers, PR team, production warehouse team and administrative staff.

Year after year, the company has continued to grow in numbers and breadth of skill, combining to be a strong force in the Australian marketing sector.

“Marketing is a business process, not just a creative outlet. We have invested in all parts of the business to ensure that they are all stronger and can feed back into insightful learnings. The complexity of marketing activity means we need to have a robust process to be able to bring it altogether to make it work. Essentially, Icon is not a supplier to our clients, we are a partner” says Mr Papadatos.

Icon Visual Marketing has a broad range of B2B and B2C clients from a wide span of industries that include home builders, land developments, aviation, manufacturing, cleaning, FMCG, recruitment, and medical.

“We do well with mature businesses that need to navigate change and grow. And while Icon isn’t a household name, our clients are which speaks for itself. We have built the business to comprehensively understand different industries and their various needs. The team has a thirst for new knowledge and information that has kept Icon at the forefront of new skills and technologies,” says Mr. Papadatos.

The Icon philosophy is based on love, service and people. Love comes in the form of sincerity, hard work and commitment to amazing outcomes. Service is evident in every interaction and the drive behind the betterment of the marketing craft. People are staff and clients, they laugh, work, cry, create and strive to achieve.

“One of the key success factors for Icon is our ability to consistently invest not only in our processes, but in our people, giving them flexibility and new skills. That means that as the market changes, our people have been able to adapt with it,” says Mr Papadatos.

Building on Icon Visual Marketing’s broad experience in the direct selling industry, Orange Canvas by Icon Visual Marketing was founded in 2016. Orange Canvas is an online retailer which provides tailored solutions for national and international businesses looking for print, business tools, e-commerce, incentives, recognition programs, conference support and engagement programs.

“The years of Icon have definitely presented challenges and learning curves. But more than anything, I reflect on them with great affection and gratitude as I have watched it transform from an aspiration to a living, breathing reality. Bring on the next 15,” says Mr Papadatos.