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HP Latex

Icon Visual Marketing has recently invested in a new state-of-the-art printer that is set to enhance the quality, speed and breadth of its print output. The HP Latex 315 Printer will allow Icon’s printing arm to experiment with new materials and capabilities to produce exciting results for both indoor and outdoor printed items. 

Among some of its most striking features is the ability to print on a wide array of materials – even textiles. And wide it is – allowing us to print up to 1.37m wide.

Printers that just print on paper are old school. With the new Wide Format 315 printer, we can in-house product vinyl pull up banners, adhesive vinyls, wall papers, t-shirts, posters and more. And best of all for our customers is our quick turnaround times as we control the print cue.

Clients can now receive printed materials that are fit for purpose, items that resonate with their target audiences and seamlessly blend in with their other marketing activities. Print is heading in new and exciting directions, and this recent addition to Icon’s kit means it can remain an industry leader in the field. The quality of items printed is exceptional; at 1200dpi, they are dependable, crisp and professional.

In a fast-paced agency such as Icon, turnaround times can often be short. Therefore, it is exceptional to note that prints are instantly dry, reducing the turnaround time required and thus enabling Icon to better service its clients. The new Latex Ink is also odourless, meaning the benefits extend to Icon staff on a health level as well. In the interest of continued workflow, many parts can be replaced by the trained user to eliminate the need to call out a technician. Better yet, the days of standing by the printer are gone, with the new app that means it can be managed from anywhere.

To ensure the best results the first time, the HP Latex 315 Printer automatically corrects imperfections to avoid the need to reprint, should an error occur. It is also advantageous in the long term as prints are scratch resistant, so they will last longer and look as good as the day they were produced. This is not only better for the environment, but also makes better business sense.