Update from ICON regarding COVID-19

Taking pride in growing as part of Sydneys booming South West

Icon Visual Marketing is a full-service marketing agency based in the South West of Sydney. We pride ourselves on offering employment for people to live and work in the local community, a rare opportunity for staff to not have to commute out of the region to maintain a high-level career with opportunity and prospect.

From a small sole business in 2003, Icon Visual Marketing has grown to become a large employer of over 40 highly educated experts in business and marketing professionals in the South West region of Sydney.

The premise and basis for growth is simple, Icon deliver honest and realistic business and marketing programs that help clients to reach their next customer. This authenticity and transparency has seen the agency weather gloomy economic conditions to continue to grow and flourish. Of the 40 staff currently employed by Icon, their skill sets range from business and marketing experts, web developers, graphic designers, print and production managers, Google accredited digital marketers as well as operations and administration support staff to keep the agency on track.

The South West region of Sydney is where we choose to live and work. For previous generations, growing up in the Western suburbs of Sydney meant commuting to larger regional centres or leaving the area all together to build a successful career. This is no longer the case. The growth of the entire South West Sydney region is offering opportunities for career advancements like never before and Icon takes our commitment to the economic development of the area very seriously. Core to the heart of Icon is to provide opportunities for highly skilled and talent staff to stay within the region to work.

As such, over three quarters of Icon Visual Marketing staff live locally or have ties to the local Sydney South West area and have commutes less than 45 minutes for their work.