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The Ps of marketing are as old as marketing itself. Whether you are in the 4 P camp or 7 P camp, the Ps (product, package, price, place, promotion, people, and placement) are the arrows in your marketing quiver and your marketing strategy is the bow. When executed well, together they solve all sor..... Read More
Traditional marketing for service-based businesses is a challenge for any business owner, you need to immediately showcase your value, and then put a dollar figure to what your time is worth. Marketing a serviced based business is one of the most difficult areas for a marketing professional, but t..... Read More
Starting or running a business is not the easiest of tasks. While you may have a great product or service offering, where do you go from there? What’s your brand or business message? Do you create a website? Or a social media business page and advertise through that? What about the age-old quest..... Read More
Every business has a target audience, a group of customers who most benefit and accept the product or service you are offering. Within these target audiences are also smaller subgroups. They share certain characteristics, and have specific wants, needs, and preferences. These smaller subgroups are..... Read More
In an increasingly digital world, it’s easy to forget about real life and the day to day interactions and transactions that people make. The rise of social media and new technology has led many companies to increasingly rely on digital marketing campaigns, however in many industries, especially in..... Read More
5 ingredients don’t seem like alot to underpin a whole corporate marketing strategy, but some of the best recipes can be made just by combining the right five ingredients. The key here is combining the right ingredients in the right order. And that’s where we come to the right five ingredients f..... Read More
With the new financial year here and a new marketing budget for 2016/17, knowing where to allocate your budget, even if it is limited, will set you in good position for success for the coming 12 months.The best way to choose where to allocate your marketing budget is to first develop your marketing..... Read More
Icon Visual Marketing have worked closely with many leading property developments to set marketing strategies, develop brand identities and establish the development’s position within the community.Our specialist property marketing consultants have worked with an extensive list of national propert..... Read More
 I’m astounded that cafes can charge up to $16.50 for simple dishes such as avocado on toast, dressed up with buzz words like “crushed”, “crumbled” or “smashed”. Isn’t that what we do at home with the back of a fork? Aren’t they just different ways to mash an avo on a piece of..... Read More
Swiss Army Knives are one of the most well-known products in the world, a highly regarded brand generally recognised as having the best quality pocket knives in the world. MacGyver used a Swiss Army knife in practically every episode to get out of situations. Creator of MacGyver, Lee David Zlotoff s..... Read More
B2B Marketing is the specialist field of understanding and communicating the challenges of communicating often complex and technical business products and services to niche business markets.One of the keys to successful business to business marketing is the understanding that, regardless of what ser..... Read More
When formulating your marketing messages, it is essential to be clear, concise and thoughtful to whom you are talking to make the most impact from every communication.If you try to use each communication or advertisement to be all things to all people by providing too much information, in a complica..... Read More