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The new year opens up so many opportunities to assess current marketing programs and results and is a perfect time to develop your own top five resolutions for your business marketing 2013 that will drive sales and grow your business. Here are some ideas for 2013 marketing resolutions that will help your business grow.big blue 2013

1. Segment your database – if you’ve been around a while, odds are your business will have a database of customers, contacts, suppliers for your different products and services. Make 2013 the year you segment your database to ensure your communicates are hitting the right customer at the right time. A simple segmentation example is those who have purchase and those who haven’t. For those who have already purchased, if you can track their purchases you can segment them even further into product categories and now start marketing add ons and accessories to them for the product they have already purchased. For those who haven’t purchased, send offers, discounts, incentives to try and convert them to a customer.

2. Embrace social media Businesses large and small can no longer ignore social media as an effective marketing tool. Before jumping in to social, develop a strategy and a plan which includes objectives and outcomes so you can understand which social media channels will be best and what you will use them for.

3. Develop a marketing plan – a marketing plan is an effective blueprint for the year, plot in key dates, sales peaks and troughs, product launches and work around these to develop your strategies and tactics. Include your segmented target market and achievable goals and outcomes on your plan.

4. Use your marketing plan – a marketing plan isn’t something you write and then shelve – it should be a living, working document that you refer to regularly, update where needed and base your marketing activities around.

5. Make better use of your website – a website shouldn’t be an online corporate profile of your company. It needs to attract potential customers and sell your business. Put as much effort into your website as you would reeling in a large new customer. People judge you by your website without ever contacting you. Use it better, update it regularly and MAKE SURE ITS MOBILE FRIENDLY