Update from ICON regarding COVID-19

With the new financial year here and a new marketing budget for 2016/17, knowing where to allocate your budget, even if it is limited, will set you in good position for success for the coming 12 months.

The best way to choose where to allocate your marketing budget is to first develop your marketing strategy. Your marketing strategy includes reviewing previous campaigns and programs to see what has worked previously and what has delivered the best ROI as well as investigating new marketing tactics that perhaps haven’t been used before.

Planning your marketing strategy and tactics for the new financial year is key to developing a clear marketing plan that will set your marketing in the right direction.

Taking the time to look at your own business instead of just your clients can be a challenge, but the insights you’ll gain will be invaluable to help your business grow.

No one knows your business better than you. Often you are so intrinsically involved in every aspect of your business, you simply don’t have the time to sit back and really think top line about your business.
Icon have developed a Strategic Marketing Workshop process that has proven effective for hundreds of clients to help set them on the right marketing direction. Going through the process during a strategic marketing workshop ensures that we are focusing on the core values that make up your business and why customers are buying from you. After setting your marketing strategy, Icon work with you and your marketing budget to set a realistic and detailed marketing plan.

Give us two hours of your time and we will work with you to get to the heart of your business.