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Which of your marketing activities are working? Which aren’t? What is your cost per lead or ROI?

Measuring the effectiveness of your different marketing campaigns is vital to delivering a Return On Investment (ROI) for your marketing budget and for planning your subsequent marketing campaigns.

Digital marketing reporting with Google Analytics gives you v aluable insights into people’s behaviour on your website and their online marketing activities, but what about the people who simply use the web for research and then prefer to pick up the phone and talk to someone?

It is important to track these types of leads so you can get a more accurate look at the results you are getting from your marketing efforts, and better understand which programs are working the best for your business.

IconCALLS is a call tracking solution that allows your business to better understand which marketing programs are generating leads for your business.

IconCALLS maps your incoming calls to your marketing activities so you can track multiple running marketing campaigns with ease. Each marketing campaign is given a unique 1300 number, and every call to these numbers can be tracked, analysed, and integrated with any online reporting system to provide you with meaningful data that will help drive your marketing plans and strategies.

IconCALLS is ideal for any business size, and allows you to see a bigger picture of your ROI and help businesses plan and grow more effectively.

See just how cost effective call tracking can be for your business. Call Icon Visual Marketing today to start effectively measuring your marketing campaigns to better understand your ROI and to ensure your valuable marketing dollars are delivering leads and sales.