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The differences between marketing a product and marketing your professional services are vast, you are effectively selling your knowledge and experience at every turn, building your credibility as an expert and authority in your professional services field.

Many times, these professional services businesses are based on referrals, word or mouth and influence from other’s, such as within a professional network. However within thestock-illustration-20259744-two-people-in-consensus hires 250 field, the key number one marketing objective has to be to gain credibility and authority as an expert in your field, as this will give others the confidence and trust to engage your services or refer you to others.

Once upon a time, to be successful in your business, you just had to be good at it – as the old myth goes, Great work speaks for itself. However this shouldn’t be the core foundation of a successful marketing strategy. While this is of course important, you need a marketing plan to ensure news of your great work and service is communicated constantly to attract new clients and retain existing clients.

To get the word out, you need client-level communication plans for your current clients, and you need to integrate the details of the success you have helped clients achieve into your overall marketing plan.

Going back to building credibility and authority, your corporate website is one of the most important tools you can use to promote your good work, build your authority and demonstrate your passion for the industry you are in. Your website is a critical part of your marketing strategy, with this being the first point of call for potential clients.

Using a blog or updated news component on your website gives you the freedom to comment on industry news, post interesting articles about your industry or share tips and advice. Read more about becoming a true industry resource for your clients.

Whatever professional services industry you are in, clients will continue to engage the services of trustworthy and competent people who can demonstrate, beyond a reasonable doubt, that they can produce the results they promise.

Demonstrate that and you'll have clients lined up to work with you.