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Our experience working with local government means you have access to an agency that truly understands how councils operate and measure success. That understanding also enables us to envision what local businesses in your area require in order to grow and become profitable.

The Problem?

In early 2020 we were approached by Wollondilly Shire Council to create a campaign that would help raise awareness about all that Wollondilly Shire has to offer and entice visitors from across greater Sydney to visit the region. After the devastating fires over Christmas and the subsequent floods, local businesses were struggling and needed help fast.


The Solution?

Tasked with creating a broad and impactful campaign, the Icon Visual Marketing team had a deadline of little more than a week to deliver a multi-channel campaign with a variety of creative executions. The comprehensive campaign would cover:

  • Video and photography: Storyboard, production of video and photography assets for use online, on social media channels and in the press.
  • Studio: Campaign logo, design of all creative assets including digital and social ads, landing page, promotional materials.
  • Online media management: Google Display Network ads and social media ads.
  • Web: Development of a landing page.
  • Production of promotional items: T-shirts, stickers for use by shopkeepers, bumper stickers for use by residents and a media wall.
  • Media relations: Media release and media management.
  • Local radio campaign: Script writing and media management.


The Result?

Our team was able to deliver this broad campaign on time, on budget, and, most importantly, to the expectations of Wollondilly Shire Council.

The campaign, still in its infancy, has received news coverage and widespread awareness via social media.

Our extensive experience, creativity and strategy enabled us to work collaboratively with Wollondilly to cover the entire remit of their needs. Traditionally, councils have tended to typically work with several organisations to cover their marketing needs. The benefit of working with Icon Visual Marketing, is we can cover all your marketing needs.

The benefits of course, are many – it’s more efficient, more cost-effective, more convenient, and ultimately means there’s less administration tasks to manage. Simply put, there’s less to worry about, leaving more time for council teams to focus on other critical tasks.