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With a love and background in photography, it was only natural that Cal would easily transition in to the client services side of Icon. His devilish smile and quick wit have always been a winner with the clients he’s look after. But it’s his oh so wonderful brain and knowledge of all thing’s social media, that has seen him evolve like a caterpillar in to our very own Social Butterfly.

Proficient in analysing social metrics, and keeping up-to-date with the latest trends, Cal can conjure a social strategy for your business better than Potter can his Patronus.

Yet his skills and talent in strategy is also reflected in his creative executions. Wielding gifs like a gunslinger in the wild west, Cal will concept and create all manners of content covering the written, all the way through to animation and video.
Cal’s contribution to the creative team is greatly admired, respected and appreciated. So, when your company is looking to up its social game, we have the experience, tools and passion to drive it further.