In 2017, Icon Visual Marketing had the opportunity to work with an ACT based land development group on a new property project on the outskirts of Goulburn. The scope and objectives of Icon’s work was to deliver a unique, relevant and quality land development, to maximise sustainability and profitability and also to position the developer as a reputable, high quality business team looking towards future developments and partnerships with land owners.

Pinpointing our target audience

Icon’s extensive research into the property market of Goulburn and the people who live, and work there showed that demand for housing in Goulburn was steady, the investment market was low, and it was really a local target audience we were talking to.

The development itself consisted of 120 lots with an average lot size of 770m2. While these are seemingly large lot sizes when compared to the Sydney property market, in Goulburn, lot size isn’t so much measured in metre square, but in hectares and acres. There were also many similar or larger sized land developments going to market with a similar land parcel offering, therefore Icon had to establish a unique place in the market.

Nailing our position in the Goulburn Property Market

The insights drawn from our research phase highlighted that the people who live in an area are one of the most important resources that the economy draws upon, both as a market that consumes goods and services and as a source of labour.

Icon used this as the base for our unique 3-Tier creative marketing process and developed a unique and authentic brand, The Tillage.

The Tillage pays homage to the hard work the people of Goulburn do, working farms and the land for hundreds of years. Thinking through the people who would want to live in this boutique estate, Icon developed our “I statement” and this set the tone for the creative.

“My work, my friends, my family and my life are all in Goulburn. I want to live here.

“I have worked hard my whole life. The opportunity to buy this land gives me the opportunity for a fresh start. To see the benefits of my hard work come to life.”

How important is brand for property development marketing? 

In property marketing, branding plays a major part of the purchasing experience, especially in the initial stages. We are asking people to see past the fields of dirt and the construction and envisage themselves as part of this brand new community. Communicating this through the brand and branding elements is key.

Launching the Tillage Property Development 

Using the strategy behind the development of the brand as well as Icon’s unique 3-Tier messaging strategy, Icon created a phased launch plan that suited the developer’s timeline and budget. The first phase was specifically aimed to build brand awareness for The Tillage within the local area using a mix of Billboards, cinema, press advertising and digital marketing.

The second phase of launch was around building up the database to engage and excite potential Tillage residents. With a successful PR launch gaining press in both local and Canberra newspapers, the activities moved to a Tier Two approach with the opening of the sales office and the sales collateral to support.

The ongoing marketing of The Tillage saw an activation of a range of activities include video, digital and social advertising, content marketing and ongoing press and cinema advertising.

Icon’s experience in Property Development Marketing

Icon is proud of the brand created for The Tillage and the strategy that helped launch this boutique property development into the market.

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