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The year 2000 was important for many reasons. The new millennia, Sydney Olympic games and launch of a little advertising vehicle called Google AdWords with ads running on the right side of the screen. At the time, 350 advertisers were beta-testing the program. Today, globally, Google serves over..... Read More
Google has announced a July 2018 deadline for when Google Chrome will begin explicitly warning users if a site is insecure. HTTP sites will be all deemed insecure and be penalised by losing rankings in search returns. HTTPS sites, that is sites with a current SSL Certificate, are deemed secure...... Read More
Did you know that a little green padlock could save your business? Really!It’s true. From last month, you will find out just how important a little green padlock can be when website browsers are turning customers away from yourwebsite by telling them it’s simply “not trustworthy.” Why wou..... Read More
Last month, Icon had the pleasure of again attending Google Partner Masterclass, Sydney 2017. Hosted at the massive Carriageworks in Eveleigh, Sydney. The conference has certainly grown since Icon started attending in 2011 and the number of local Google agencies could fit in into two smallish meet..... Read More
Icon Visual Marketing is proud to announce the expansion of our Google Partner certification as now being globally recognised for specialisation in Search, Display and Mobile. This means we have multiple team members certified in these specific product areas and are well-versed in helping clien..... Read More
Digital marketing channels and programs integrated into marketing strategies and plans have long proven to effectively deliver on marketing and business goals and objectives. According to 2016 State of Marketing report digital accounts for an ever-growing share of marketers’ activities, channels,..... Read More
Icon is proud to have been awarded the new Google Partner Specialization badge for excellence in Search online advertising campaigns.Icon has been a trusted Google Partner since 2013 and has been part of the Google accreditation program since 2010. Icon’s team of experienced and knowledgeable digi..... Read More
As it does every year, the 2015 Google Analytics Conference continued to share insights, trends, business challenges and digital updates direct from the global team of Google. The Icon Digital Marketing team attended the 2015 conference in Sydney and were provided a great round up of the current and..... Read More
As part of Icon's ongoing commitment to being at the forefront of changes in digital marketing, our digital marketing team recently attended the 2015 Google Partners Masterclass in Sydney. Once again, Google did not disappoint with their extensive research into consumer behaviour in our digitised so..... Read More
One of the concerns about using social media and being more present online to build credibility is “what happens if it attracts negative comments?” How can it be dealt with without harming your reputation?Online reviews are now the second most trusted form of marketing, only behind word-of-mouth..... Read More
Changes to the Google search ranking signal have started changing how websites appear in mobile search. Claims are that more than half of Australia's biggest companies will "disappear" from Google on mobile devices as the US technology giant changes the way it ranks searches. According to the Googl..... Read More
If you are unsure of how mobile friendly your website is, Google has provided a mobile-friendly test to check.  ..... Read More