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At the 54 minute mark, Australia was hopeful. At 3.15am Thursday morning, we were 2 – 1 up against Netherlands. For 4 minutes, we thought we could do this, then Netherlands scored and well, you you know the rest. Shattered!timcahill

For 4 minutes, we were captivated. In online marketing terms, 4 minutes can seem like a lifetime. If you could keep a visitor on your site for 4 minutes, your likelihood of converting a visit to a sale increases dramatically.

Did you know on average it takes four and a half minutes to fill up a tank of petrol?

Here are four tips to keep visitors on your website for longer

  • Multimedia content – deliver interesting content in a variry of ways – video, webcasts, blogs etc
  • Use internal links throughout your site so visitors can easily jump in and out of other areas of interest on your site
  • Encourage visitors to interest – comment on posts, download a paper, post onto a forum, take a survey for example.
  • Deliver the best visitor experience- with the majority of us access content through our smartphones, make sure your site is mobile friendly – responsive design is now Google best practice.

BTW Did you know that Tim Cahill has scored more World Cup goals than Cristiano Ronaldo & Wayne Rooney combined?