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Mobile search isn’t a “trend” it’s a fact that more and more people are going to be searching your site via mobile. Not convinced that your B2B target market are mobile users. One easy way to know is through a quick Google Analytics report.

Its simple.

Login to your Google Analytics Account

From the left menu under standard reports, choose => Audience => Mobile => Overview

Change the date range to you give you a three to six month snapshot and odds are you will see a rise in mobile use of your website over this period.

Now that you’ve most likely seen the rise in mobile searches of your website, take out your Smartphone and browse through your site yourself. Easy to navigate, buttons easy to click, phone number click to call? Probably not.mobile-sites

In Australia, 60% of all mobile users have smartphones and are increasingly are accessing content on their smartphones.

  • Almost half of smartphone users research or review purchases on their phone
  • 37 per cent of smartphone internet users have actually made a purchase on their smartphones
  • More than a third of smartphone internet users have compared product prices on their mobile phone before going in-store to purchase – almost a quarter have actually checked pricing while on the shop floor.

The smartphone is becoming the first point of research for a majority of internet users. More and more customers are beginning their “buying” process on their mobile phones.

Your website needs to be optimised for mobile – fewer choices, larger fonts and cleaner user interface are the key to giving customers a positive viewing experience of your website via mobile.

So what, exactly, are consumers looking for in a website accessed from a mobile device?

  • Site speed- loading time of 5 seconds or less
  • Big, mobile friendly buttons
  • Limited scrolling and pinching
  • Quick access to business contact information
  • "Click to call" access to phone the business
  • Links to your company's social media profiles

Usability and design features matter. Mobile users indicated they are most looking for (in order of priority):

  • Information in just one or two clicks
  • A search bar that is easy to find and use
  • A site that fits the small screen
  • Clean and efficient design
  • An option to visit the non-mobile siteT
  • The ability to save information for later
  • Big, finger-friendly buttons
  • Non-scrolling forms with a limited number of fields
  • A “click to call” button
  • One-direction scrolling, either horizontal or vertical, but not both.

Icon CMS fully supports responsive design techniques and provides a wide selection of custom responsive design templates.

Responsive design means your website responds to the width of the browser, offering you a single website that looks great on any device!

Moving from the desktop to mobile for web browsing has demanded a fluid, one-time design solution that adapts to the viewers medium. Saving time and money, and overcoming the impossible task of custom designing to the ever increasing resolutions and interfaces we deal with has become paramount in today’s financial climate.

Not sure where to start, contact Icon for a mobile review of your online activities