Update from ICON regarding COVID-19

We recently came across this great phrase from a Report by Wordstream US on The War on Free Clicks that Free Clicks are getting more costly. And while alot of the report focused on Organic clicks vs PPC, this was related to the sheer amount of staffing resources that are required by companies, either in house or at an agency level, to maintain an active SEO program.

The report looked at 2008 with most companies having just 1 SEO specialist - or knowing that SEO was important and outsourcing it, to now having a team of SEO specialists - an SEO Manager, a link builder, corporate blogger and content curator, social media team, web developers etc etc. Wow, thats alot of new head count for companies.

So just how important is SEO to your company and is it worth the investment or extra people or outsourcing to an agency? SEO and Google Search is the most important way for people to find your products or your company. If you can't invest in an in-house SEO team, outsource to an agency who understands where SEO strategy fits in to your overall marketing strategy.