Update from ICON regarding COVID-19

Our recent article about how to drive target customers to your website lent itself to ask the question, but what if your website isn’t well designed or customer friendly to convert these visitors into actual leads.

Dedicating resources that drive traffic to your website – Online Advertising, SEO and Social Media – are worth very little if you are not willing to devote time to your website itself.

Why is the tool that is responsible for converting that very same traffic into customers often neglected? It mainly comes down to a lack of understanding regarding how a website contributes to an overall marketing strategy.images

Your business website used to be an extension of your marketing, nothing more than an online corporate brochure. In today’s world, it’s everything – the centre of your marketing. Part of your online strategy should be to create a website update program that sees you adding new sections or content regularly that is of value to your customers. It should be a useful tool for them to find the information they want to be an effective marketing tool for you.

Rather than prioritising marketing channels that drive traffic, businesses need to first focus on their website first, and build the rest of their marketing strategy around it.

We call this setting up the right foundations to grow your business.