Update from ICON regarding COVID-19

Icon is proud to have been awarded the new Google Partner Specialization badge for excellence in Search online advertising campaigns.

Icon has been a trusted Google Partner since 2013 and has been part of the Google accreditation program since 2010. Icon’s team of experienced and knowledgeable digital marketers are all Google certified online advertising specialists and spend each day focusing on delivering the best online advertising results for a wide range of clients.

According to Google, Specialization badges are awarded for based on the following criteria:

  • At least one certified affiliated user in an AdWords product area
  • Demonstrating product expertise in the specialization area
  • Has at least US$10,000 (or local currency equivalent) 90-day AdWords spend in that area

Google also look at a number of things to determine the level of product expertise, including how you're implementing the AdWords product for your clients, if you're growing your usage in the product area, if you're retaining your clients in that product area, and other related factors.

Icon Visual Marketing can help you make paid search work for your business with digital marketing services that will grow your brand awareness and increase converting traffic to your website. As a Google Partner, Icon Visual Marketing has earned Google’s marker of trust and quality, ensuring that your campaigns are managed by certified individuals that have displayed high proficiency with the Google AdWords and Analytics platforms.

With 37% of marketing dollars being spent on paid search advertising, it’s simply not feasible for businesses to ignore the power of online search advertising. Take advantage of the digital space and make paid search advertising work for your business by contacting Icon Visual Marketing today!