Update from ICON regarding COVID-19

The Google update to its ranking factor – called Google Panda – is one of the most impactful updates Google has launched almost since its inception. Google Panda now adds another factor to how your site is ranked - Quality.

The aim of Google Panda is to clear the web of bad low quality site which essentially duplicate copy in order to gain higher traffic so that good quality and more relevant websites are ranked higher for search queries.

So what does this mean for your website?

  • For a start, duplicate copy is going to have a major impact on your ranking. Ensure your site doesn’t have repetitive content across multiple pages – reword it, update it or remove it all together if it isn’t relevant.
  • Design and layout are another important factor in the way people navigate your site. Ensure your navigation system is easy and that its got a logical order
  • Social media and people linked to your site is become more and more important for your overall web rankings. Ensure your social media strategy is bringing good quality links to your website
  • Is your website optimised for mobile? Having a website that can be easily searched via mobile devices is another way you can increase your website quality.
  • ALT Tags - Label all images on your website so these are included as search keywords.
  • If you have a lot of pages on your site but some with only a small amount of content, look to increase the copy on these pages. Perhaps join some pages so it has more copy and use sub headings to break up the different sections of the page.
  • Just like any good newspaper article – design and write your page so the most important and relevant information is at the top of the page. Don’t hide all the good stuff at the bottom.

By updating your website to ensure quality ranking factors, your site will be found more often by people who are relevant and interested in your products and services.

Sheree Gover is the Digital Marketing Manager for Icon Visual Marketing