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As businesses examine their marketing budgets for 2015, many may be asking how much they should allocate to their digital campaigns.

In 2014, digital marketing surged ahead of other advertising segments and took a demanding 34% of market spend Australia-wide, and that number is increasing every month. Simply put, the digital space isn’t something that businesses can ignore any longer as more consumers turn to online platforms to conduct their product research and shopping.

How can you lure in the 60% of buyers that use social media to research before they buy without a digital presence? You can’t, and that’s a substantial amount of potential customers that are lost before you’ve even had a chance to deliver your sale’s pitch.

Employing digital marketing strategies isn’t as simple as developing a decent-looking website. It’s no one-trick pony, and for a successful digital marketing campaign you need to consider a multi-faceted approach to your marketing plan, and that entirely depends on your business model.

For example: are you a restaurant owner? You might consider a responsive website design to take advantage of town visitors looking for a spot to eat, with a local marketing, Pay-Per-Click (PPC), and social media strategy to aggregate positive reviews and a reputable image. If you’re in a more industrial business, maybe you’ll forgo the local marketing strategy and opt for a holistic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) plan combined with e-mail marketing to establish your business as a thought leader in the industry. Again, your strategy – and your budget – entirely depends on your business model.

That’s why it’s so hard to pin down how much you should be spending on digital marketing, other than the fact that you should be spending on digital marketing. As the largest segment for spending for advertisers in Australia, you can be assured that if you’re not using digital advertising to market your business, your competition is.

Icon Visual Marketing offers a range of digital marketing services that work in unison to deliver converting customers to your business. The Icon Digital Marketing team combines Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) experts with social media aficionados, marketing professionals, web development specialists, and a creative design team to create a multi-faceted marketing plan that will help you reach your next customer.

No matter what business model you fall under, the fact remains that digital marketing isn’t something to ignore in 2015. For a digital marketing strategy that is tailored especially for your business, contact Icon Visual Marketing and discover how much you should be spending on digital marketing today!