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The About Us page is one of the most popular destinations on any website. People click onto it all the time.
So what does your About Us page say about you and why are visitors to your website so keen to know about you?

It's simple. They want to know if you're the sort of company they want to do business with. Do you share common visions and goals, what is most important to your company and what information do you want customers to know about you. Can you help them solve a problem?

Your About Us page should sell the uniqueness of your company, present positive aspects of what you deliver to your clients. About Us is NOT a history of your company.

Think of it this way. Your About Us page is your cover letter. Just like when applying for a job, your Cover Letter highlights the best things about you and the reasons why someone should employ you.

A Company History page is like your resume. An ordered document giving key dates and milestones
Your about Us page is the one area of your business website where you really have a chance to tell your story—who you are, what your small business is all about, and what makes you unique from your competitors.

So, take a minute to review your About Us page and update it to sell the best things about your


Some best practice tips for your About Us Page


  • Putting your picture on your "About" page is a smart thing to do. It makes you real to your visitors. They can picture your face and imagine having an actual conversation with you.
  • Tell a Story. Engage readers with a story about your business. A story that shows visitors how you can help them, instead of just telling them.
  • Give them proofUse customer testimonials and case studies to try and engage with readers to show how you’ve solved other’s problems, and how you can help them as well.