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You may have heard of the buzz word - Remarketing - from your agencies or your marketing people over the past 12 months, but perhaps your still not sure about why you would use it and how it works - below is a brief explanation of Remarketing with one of the world's largest online networks, Google.

Remarketing is a ideal way to target customers who have already shown an interest but didn’t complete a goal. You know those forms you have to capture new customers, do you know how many customers start filling in your form but don't complete it. Check your Google Analytics conversion settings to see the actual number - Remarketing with Google is an ideal way to catch the form abandoners.

Remarketing gets results

  • Generally, new visitors do not convert on the first visit
  • Retarget the right users with the right message and increase conversions

What is Remarketing?

  • Remarketing is an effective advertising strategy to continue to show ads to people who visited your website but didn’t complete a desired action, for example making a purchase or signing up or didn’t complete Apply Now form.
  • Remarketing essentially follows people across the web with your ads enticing users back to the site to complete an action.


Your audience before Remarketing

  • People are searching for products & services
  • People benchmark and compare when buying, how to make sure you are there when they do so

Your audience with Remarketing

  • Target people who have previously visited your website
  • For each new site they visit they are served your ad again - reminding them of your business as they continue to browse the Web